Hello world!

Hiii….This is my very first post. Yes..the first post..and I’m excited too damn much. Finally I start blogging. Here , actually I want to share my life style.. a little bit of fashion. .and flakes of style. The reason behind starting blog is some of my friends and fan followings.
When ever I took photos. It’s kinda obvious…that they started asking from where I got the dresses or accessories or shoes but it’s just not possible to tell everyone…right??


And …on the other hand I really love to share my style views with everyone So, here it is. Another thing is..I really like my culture and couture. For me, It’s just wonderful. I love to wear desi dresses (kameez, saree and all) and the beauty about this …These are not soooo expensive, affordable and beautiful. Follow me & you’ll know everything about it.


Keep in touch. love ♡♡
& Happy blogging!